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If our wine is going to stand for something, it better have good legs.

Here is what our sources have told us.

“Paired perfectly with the entire meal. It didn’t last past dinner”

Patrick M

“Truly the smoothest wine I’ve had in years”

Amy T

“Delicious easy drinking wine, enhances every dinner... and conversation. ”

Lea J

“Makes an entrance and tastes great ”

Brayden T

“A conversation starter with a tasty finish ”

Maggie B

“Mission Accomplished. ”

Parker L
Make politics polite Again.

Republican Red reminds the world that we are not the greedy, racist, rage-filled fanatics that the media portrays us to be. It allows us to show our true colors with taste and grace—because a glass of wine and conversation go much further than confrontation and whining. We don’t hide from the elephant in the room. We embrace it.

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